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President: MOhamed Abdelgilil

Where am I from: I was born in Egypt and lived there from 2010-2014, butI spent most of my life here in Houston, Texas

What is my major: I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry

I had the opportunity to serve in Student Government here at UHCL as VP of Student Communications and Outreach, Pre-Med Chair of Tri-Beta, and VP of Tri-Beta.

Volunteer services I did: Organizer for the Muslim American Society and for The Al Maghreb Institute. Volunteered as a team member for the Clear Lake Baptist Church food pantry by boxing and bagging items. Harvey Hurricane Relief Clear Lake Baptist Church Team Member. Organizer for the Clear Lake Islamic Center in regard to; major Islamic holidays, Ramadan food preparation and serving, parking director, youth leader, prayer setup, and a prayer leader. Organizer for the Clear Lake Islamic Center Kabir’s Annual Camp. American Heart Association Volunteer/Team Member: Volunteered at UT Health Stomp Stroke Event, Volunteered at a disadvantaged community fair. I am currently a Sunday school teacher as well as the organizer for the weekly colloquium series of the College of Science and Engineering.

Cool things I have accomplished: I personally know Dr.Blake (UHCL President) as well as I got to meet Dr. Khatour (UH President), Dr. Tour (A famous Chemist from Rice University), I am officially published in a research project in microbiology.

Personal interests: fishing, jet skiing, snorkeling, soccer, and volleyball.



Treasurer: Chris Sells

 My first major was Anthropology Syracuse University, NY

Where am I from: Originally From Houston, Tx,

My current major at UHCL is in: Biology

Volunteer services I did: 8 Months of Volunteering in the medical Center (Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital), 2 years of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity (Syracuse University), 3 Months of Shadowing at Zimmerman Medical Clinic (Internal Medicine) with Dr. Stanely J. Zimmerman M.D, 1 year of Shadowing in Inpatient Internal Medicine with Dr. Edward Poythress, 2 Years of working in critical/intensive care at Ben Taub General Hospital, 2 years of shadowing in Inpatient and Outpatient critical Wound Care, 2 years of working experience in inpatient and Outpatient critical Wound Care, 2 years of shadowing in intensive Infectious Disease at Ben Taub General Hospital, 2 years of experience working in intensive Trauma Care, 2 years of shadowing in critical Surgery/ Recovery, 3 years of Physical/Occupational Rehabilitation Experience, and I am CPR certified

My personal interests are: skydiving, drawing, fitness training, and mentoring

Why I joined SFMP: to better my involvement in community service, to help others achieve their medical dreams and for me to become better qualified, knowledgeable and build relationships with other future medical professions 




Secretary: Kaylee Boudreaux

Where am I From: Dickinson, Texas born and raised. 

What is my major: Bio major, chem minor

Cool things about me: I have a second degree black belt in MMA, Graduate of HLI, and I am the operations manager at the UHCL Campus Rec Center

Volunteer Services I did: I volunteered at schools-mentoring and tutoring, GC food bank, Harvey rehabilitation/supplies gathering 

Why I joined SFMP: I joined SFMP to be with like-minded individuals that will help me get to my end goal—med school for dermatology. Volunteering with my friends and giving back to the community is amazing. The willingness to help one another within the org is outstanding as we are all working toward similar goals. I love everything this org stands for. 


Marketing coordinator- Bry anna garate 

Where I am from: I was born in Galveston, TX, but I was raised in Dickinson, TX.

My major is: Biology with a specialization in Pre-Health and I aspire to become a successful Pediatrician.

Other organizations I am associated with: I am now an Officer for SFMP, a member of Omicron Delta Honor Society, and a member of Tri-Beta Honor Society. 

Volunteer services I did: I have volunteered in many events and fundraisers since High School and will continue to do so to help the communities around me

My personal interests are: I enjoy dancing as it is another passion of mine since I was 12 years old. I still attend studio classes every other week and enjoy creating my own choreography as well. I hope to use what I have learned throughout my education journey to becoming a prosperous individual.

Why I joined SFMP: I joined SFMP in order to gain more experience and exposure to what the medical field will bring me in the near future. I believe that this organization will provide me with more opportunities and insight to building my inspiration in becoming a Doctor. I look forward to enhancing the world of medicine in any way possible.  




Social media coordinator: SHAH RUKH LALANI 

Where am I From: Houston, Texas

What is my major: Fitness and Health Performance

What other organizations am I apart of: Pakistani Student Association, Muslim Student Association, JAMP

Cool Things I’ve accomplished: I was in National Honor Society at Clear Horizons Early College High School. I graduated with honors at CHECHS. I have also completed a full two-year associates’ degree with San Jacinto College South. I was also the top performer in credit card sales at Old Navy with over fifty credit cards sold, beating the number one performer who has worked at Old Navy for 10 years.

Volunteer Services I did: Houston Food Bank, Galveston County Food Bank, Helen Hall Library, Harris County Public Library – Freeman, Space Center Rotary Shrimporee at Clear Lake Park, Old Navy – Food for All campaign, Clear Lake Islamic Center, and Galveston State Park

Personal Interests: Enjoy playing basketball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, ping pong, badminton, and lacrosse

Why I joined SFMP: I joined SFMP because it gives an excellent chance to show the world why health care professionals do what they do for their patients. It also gives me the opportunity to serve my community in the best way possible. I hope to have more opportunities to volunteer in all aspects for the community to serve for the greater good.




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We all help one another to strive for excellence, provide moral support, make a difference in peoples lives, and give back to our communities with passion.

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The best way to get involved on campus would be through The Society of Future Medical Professionals (aka SFMP). We have a wonderful team of officers as well as chairs that represent different specialties. In order to get involved, attending the meetings will be a big part of it. By your presence, you will gain information on ongoing events, meet new people, expand your network connection, and be part of a like-minded society.


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