We are a group of pre-medical students here at UHCL and we are considered to be one of the largest organizations here on campus. We meet biweekly on campus to discuss upcoming events in more detail, provide you with viable resources, as well as having a variety of both medically related events and volunteer opportunities as well. 

The backbone of our society is giving back to our communities by volunteering with the Galveston County Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association, and potentially other organizations that may need our help. 

At the beginning of each semester we will host a social event so all of our previous members and new members can get to know one another well and create friendships that would last for eternity. We will also conduct Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, PA, Research, PT, and many more graduate school tours throughout the semester. 

In order to become a member of our organization, you have to:

-Be a UHCL Student

-Attend at least ONE volunteer event with the organization per month

-Attend at least ONE general event with the organization per month

-Pay dues of $45 per semester or $65 for the year

     -Dues will go towards your shirt, food (during meetings), pre-med conferences, and socials hosted by the organization 

    -This is the only fee you'll ever pay!!


opportunities to receive points 

  1. General Meetings: 10 pts per meeting

  2. Volunteer with the Org: 15 pts per event

  3. Wear the official organizations t-shirt to campus: 5 pts (6 x max)

  4. Attend event(s): 15 pts

  5. ....and others :)



Membership Recognition Awards

  1. Exemplary Member: 450 or more pts

  2. Distinguished Member: 350-450 pts (honor cords)

  3. Honored Member: 250- 349 pts

  4. Regular Member: 100 or less




If you are interested in joining our organization, please click on our logo in the top left corner to take you to the home page and you can subscribe there and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!!!


There's a lot more in the planning and we can't wait to see what awaits us!!